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Ginnojo LLC
(Japanese: 銀之丞合同会社)


Business Consulting: Supporting the project management from the grand design to execution phase PMO. Experiences mainly in financial and Information Technology, with multi-cultural member team.


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After experienced the business in life insurance, IT systems, and real estate investment, I started working in consulting firms. After 7 years of consulting firm career, I decided to restart the career as a freelance.
I started my freelance career as a self-employed and changed to an LLC from April 2019.

I have experienced large scale projects as PMO, and good at supporting the project with multi-cultural members.


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2-2-15-942 MinamiAoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
(This address is a virtual office. Please contact us via Email or Postal mail, and do not visit this place.)


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The name "Ginnojo".