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Due to the confidentiality obligation, the description is ambiguous.
The latest project comes on top.

Banking system audit

  • Sub-project manager of the team located both in Japan and overseas.
  • Intensive short term project management with multi-national members.

Insurance business and system design

  • Bilingual PMO of a business and system re-design project.
  • Business and System design by the Design Sprint methodology.
  • English based project management with interpreters and multi-national members.

Insurance system infrastructure renewal

  • PMO of a system infrastructure migration project.
  • Offshore management repeatedly visiting both locations.
  • Issue management with a small tool made for this project.

Global insurance system migration

  • Bilingual M&A PMO of an insurance system infrastructure migration project.
  • Japan side of 2-country based project management.

Formulation of the fair value calculation

  • Designing the fair value calculation formula for the specific assets cooperate with auditors.
  • Implementation of the process into the internal control and account settlement.