Ginnojo LLC

What's "Ginnojo"?

Ginnojo_picture_160x200.jpgGinnojo (in Japanese: 銀之丞) is a kind of old-style Japanese name for men. In Ginnojo LLC's case, "Ginnojo" comes from the owner's cat name.

When I quitted the job, I decided to stop working too hard till falling down almost every project. To learn from the lifestyle of my cat, I named my business name the same as the cat "Ginnojo". At first it was just a business name, and after I established the LLC, it became the registered name of a company.

The name of the cat "Ginnojo" comes from a white cat "Tamanojo: 玉之丞" in the Japanese TV show "Neko Zamurai: 猫侍". The cat I had was silver, so I named the cat Ginnojo ("Gin: 銀" means silver in Japanese).

N.B. Just to avoid to be involved in the war between dog lovers and cat lovers, here I declare that I love any kind of animals!